1st Payment to paypal is pending

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I set up my shopify store this week and my first sale is currently "pending on paypal express checkout". I'm confused as sales that have come in after this one have gone through and have appeared in my paypal account. I don't know how to get this sale through to my account. Does anyone have any advice? 





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Hey Sarah! Have you resolved this yet? If so, how did you do it? I'm running into the same issue where I have a customer's order pending for Paypal Express and the only options I have are mark as paid (can't do that since I haven't received the money yet), pay by credit card (which forces me to put in credit card information) or send an invoice. Let me know what you did to push it through! Dee

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Hi, Yes I did but it was a bit of a pain. I read that if your paypal email is diffferent to the email address you use for Shopify it can cause an issue. I changed my shopify email to match it but it didn't work so I rang Paypal and they were really helpful and managed to track and process the payment.  If I were you I'd call paypal first. Also, if they resolve it maybe do a test transaction just to check it's working.