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Thanks for your help in advance :) I'm going to try and break this down as simple as I can. 

I have one product I am selling - let's call it, DT. 
I have one domain name. 

I am based in New Jersey, USA and ship DT to everywhere in USA and Canada. 


I am expanding the company and now I'll be able to distribute from India to my Indian customers (my cousin will be able to ship the product. 

What is the most cost effective way for:
USA & CUSTOMERS: To see the USA price, go through the USA payment and shipping services?
and for
INDIAN customers: To see the India price (which will be cheaper), go through Indian specific payment and Indian shipping services?

I have the Basic Shopify plan. 

Thank you so much. 

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Hello Pshah!


Happy to hear that you're expanding your business. 


As you talked about separate shopping checkouts for North America and India, I'm guessing you have created 2 versions of the checkout.


Using an IP geolocation service, you can detect your user's location as soon as he enters your website and show him the relevant content.


An IP geolocation service also provides you with currency information, so you can use that information for price conversions.


It's a bit of simple programming magic. If you want to understand more about it, you can always email me at zainab@ipgeolocation.io and I will be more than happy to help. Cheers :)