2checkout vs paypal. which one?

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in my country I can not use shopi payments.


I do not like the paypal system to the clients that want to pay as guest...


I am thinking to work with 2checkout but when I go to complete the aplication there is a payour options.

one of them it is paypal. So basically if I choose this one, I think a will pay double if I choose 2checkout, one comision for each purchase for 2checkout and one when I recieved the money to my paypal account.

Someone can suggest what can I do? Use paypal for everything, use 2checkout?

If I choose 2checkout with payouts options do you suggest to me free of comisions?

EFT ACH – Electronic Funds Transfer / Automatic Clearing House is a method of money transfer and does not incur fees from 2Checkout. EFTs allow the transfer from a 2Checkout account to a bank, enabling you to potentially be paid every week without transfer fees. Banking systems recommend that no more than $10,000 USD be transferred per payment for those who can receive EFTs, as they are rescindable via chargebacks. 

Payoneer – The 2Checkout MasterCard (powered by Payoneer) allows merchants to receive payments from their 2Checkout accounts with no 2Checkout transfer fees (please note, Payoneer might charge nominal fees, for more details check your Payoneer agreement). Additionally, Payoneer provides merchants with direct ATM access to the funds transferred from their 2Checkout account onto the Payoneer account. You can sign up for a Payoneer card by registering from the 2Checkout Control Panel, Financial Details, 2Checkout Mastercard tab - you will then be directed to Payoneer's website to complete your sign up.

PayPal – Real-time payment and money transfer solution available globally. Businesses and customers with PayPal accounts can easily receive payments online without the need to turn to more traditional payment mechanisms. 

Wire Transfer – Wire transfers give you the assurance that your check-in-hand is as good as cash.


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