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I have 3 different shipping related questions, so I will just ask them all at once.


1) Right now I only offer shipping to US and Canada. I am in the US, but I just had my sister, in Canada do a test order for me so I could see how it will be to do orders to Canada. When I went to adjust the shipping to choose the ePacket...that option was not there. Is there any way to know in advance what kind of shipping options/costs you will get when shipping to other countries? 


2) I have added a lot of products to my store without realizing how much of the listing I could change in Oberlo- specifically setting the shipping default. Is there a way to change this without having to remove and re-upload products all over again from Oberlo? 


3) Are ePacket delivery times the same across the board (to US)? I see time ranges quoted differently in different places, 8-10 days, 10-17 days, 7-10 days. When I check products on Aliexpress, the ePacket time is just given as a deliver by date and not a time range. I can't figure out how best to state shipping times on my store.


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Hi @Christina4,


Thank you for reaching out today with your questions! I'll answer each one below.


1. Suppliers on AliExpress will often offer different shipping options for different countries, and often with different prices. The United States is a larger, more attractive market for customers in general, so often there are more/ cheaper shipping options for the US than there might be for other countries such as Canada.


This is something you can check on the AliExpress page for the product. If we check this product for example, we can see here free ePacket shipping is available for orders being sent to the United States:




However, if we change the destination to Canada, we can see there are different prices and options:




The ePacket option is still there, but it comes with a $1.68 USD cost, as opposed to it being free like it is for US-based customers. The China Post option is free, but it usually takes longer than ePacket,


You will want to check this for all products you stock in the store, and then you can set your own prices accordingly. You may, for example, wish to charge Canadian customers more for shipping than US ones, or you might want to warn your Canadian customers that deliveries will take longer for them (if indeed you decided to go with the China Post option rather than ePacket).


2. Once you have imported products from Oberlo into Shopify, you might as well change the relevant information within the Shopify admin rather than Oberlo. You are able to edit product details within Oberlo before importing directly into Shopify, but really this is just giving you the chance to do this before you import rather than afterwards. You can change titles, prices, descriptions etc of products within the Shopify admin and the link to the Oberlo product will remain (just make sure you don't delete the product altogether - this will sever the link between the Shopify listing and the Oberlo product).


There are a couple of guides offered by both Shopify and Oberlo on this topic that you may find useful:


3. From having looked at ePacket estimated delivery time for numerous AliExpress products, they do sometimes differ. I would suggest taking a look through the AliExpress pages for your products and making a note of the estimated delivery times for ePacket shipping, to both the US and Canada (plus any other countries you decide to ship to). You'll then be able to quote more accurate shipping times for products based on the information you have at hand. This is a bit of arduous work but it's vital to know how long it takes for your products to ship to the locations you sell to, and to be able to accurately communicate this to your customers ahead of time.


I hope I have sufficiently answered your questions here but please let me know if you have any more!


Kind regards,


Victor | Shopify Social Care

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Thank you Victor, just what I was looking for. 

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Hi Christina,


ShipperHQ can help you there. You can establish different shipping zones in ShipperHQ, and from there set rules to charge or surcharge a certain amount for shipping per zone.


You can get in touch with our sales team, and they would be happy to discuss further. Or you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how ShipperHQ works for you.