A Mistake CBD Vendors on Shopify Make...

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Hey everyone, 


I have been going through these posts and finding a lot of people struggling to get payment processing for their CBD business. The issue most new businesses overlook is the Terms of Service for common payment providers like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. They have a list of banned businesses including CBD, and they will shut you down. 

This means you'll get your shop running and three weeks later after you start getting some momentum you won't be able to process any payments, and you'll be rushing to find a solution. 


There are some temporary fixes like custom integrations mixed with personal accounts but these are unsustainable. Eventually, the payment provider finds out. 


The solution that fills this niche is to find a merchant that specializes in CBD payment processing. There are a few major companies out there, and they'll be able to keep your account open without you having to worry about terms and service issues. 


Feel free to reach out to me personally at dustin@paykings.com if you have any questions.