API payment solution ( For Middle east )

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Dear Team, 


We need an immediate response to fix this issue for us, We companies from the middle east are facing a small issue for you but very big to us, 


-  Shopify payment does not support middle east ! 

-  All third party payment providers available on our region ( only have a redirected payment window ! ) This is just useless. it is just a simple coding to have API !!


we have spent a lot of money to reach to this point until we faced a bomb surprise from all payment providers that they don't provide a direct payment only a redirection links which we tried and they look so unprofessional, we are really frustrating about this issue. 


Why the payment API very important : 

- Creating a trust worthy experience for all clients. 

- Almost 40% abandoned Checkouts are caused by unprofessional layout payment solution. 

- Easy to use and less time processing. 

- Working 100% no lagging no white blank pages.  

- clients not afraid of having hidden charge. 


Please we request you to check this issue and to double check the payment providers in the middle east as most of them don't even work or reply to emails. 


we can't integrate new companies because you only accept what you offer already, it's like we stock in the middle !! 

we can't provide redirection links to our clients, so please do not suggest it, it is very simple for you just contact the third party providers to fix this issue to middle east very simple coding will fix this issue. 


If this won't be fixed we are moving our hosting to new E-commerce providers. 


Thank you for understanding.