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I have a little problem. My site is live for now 6 days and I have a few abandoned checkouts. I dont know if they just change their mind or if it's something wrong with the payment settings. I ran the payment test and everything was fine there. For me its strange everyone leaves at the checkout after they fullfill every needed detail.

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Hi there,

I noticed that your site doesn't have any shipping information aside from the free shipping to us on orders over $50. It could very likely be that your customers are adding items to their cart, finding out the shipping price, and then abandoning their carts (how else can they find out, right).

It would be wise to add a Shipping information link to your footer, and also update your returns policy to something that reflects what you actually sell. You have flowers, newspapers, perfumes etc. listed in it (I know it's the generic one Shopify provides). 

I also notice that you may have just copied the product reviews from Aliexpress, which is a huge no-no if you port over reviews that cite Aliexpress like on this page. They also cite the month wait time to get the product, which you don't list anywhere. Let customers know that shipping of the item takes a long time. 

I strongly encourage you to comb through your site again for quality checks. 

Good luck!


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