Ability to control customs values on shipping labels during bulk creation

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Wondering if there is a way to solve for this. We print a lot of orders / shipping labels across domestic and international shipments. In some cases they are retail or wholesale in which we need to reduce the customs values. I spoke to a development team about creating a simple plugin that manages the customs value claimed at the product level. They stated we would need to create an entire shipping integration. Right now we have to create a label one by one and edit the value before printing. Below is an arbitrary example. In this case, we would like to set the value of the product to lets say 1$ and create labels for 20 international orders using shopifys existing bulk label creation tooling. 


Is it possible to create an app that can solve for this? I have a budget and am ready to begin work!







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I'm having the same issue. Does anyone have a better solution?

Thank you!