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Help me understand this.


I do not want to do dropshipping directly from aliexpress solely because of the long shipping times and branding. So I happen to find a supplier in china which can offer a very low MOQ of just 50 pcs with a my logo suprisingly. I only want to target US market for trial.


My product cost only USD3 and people selling it for USD39. On aliexpress it cost about USD12. So basically even the USD3 not include the freight forward to warehouse, various fulfillment center fees and shipping to customer it will still lower than USD12 I believe.


But which routes/methods should I go?

1. My supplier-fulfilment center in US-customer in US

2. My supplier-fulfillment center in China-customer in US

3. Use sourcing agent-fulfillment center in US/China-customer in US

4. Or just use all-in-one company in China that does everything from sourcing to fulfillment services.


Which is the most cost effective and give best customer satisfaction?


Thank you

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Good call on that. Ali express can be good for testing products but for most stores having your own branded products is more appealing to customers, plus the normal shipping of course.


The way I like to handle fulfillment is with Amazon FBA. Here's how it works:


1) Send products directly to Amazon warehouse in the US.

2) Connect Amazon Fulfillment service to your Shopify store.

3) Orders that come in from Amazon and Shopify get fulfilled by Amazon.


Here are the details for automating order fulfillment with that setup: https://speedboostr.com/automate-order-fulfillment-on-shopify.


That will be low cost + quick fulfillment / shipping.

Bonus is that you can now sell on Amazon + Shopify. Amazon sales come pretty easy so even if you don't promote on Amazon, you can still focus on growing your Shopify store and brand while using Amazon for fulfillment and catching some sales.


As an alternative, Shopify has their own fulfillment service now: https://www.shopify.com/fulfillment. I believe you need to have an average of 10 orders per day to use it.

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