About the payment fees

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Started new company and was decide to use Shopify as my online store. I am from Finland and of course the Shopify payments are not available here. What are my options as a new business owner to keep the fees as low as possible? 29€ Shopify monthly charge and 2% fee of all products i sell. But of course i need payment provider and to have all popular payments available for my customers i need pay 59€ monthly for the payment provider plus their fee. Best case scenario i must pay payment fees to 3 different companies. And of course this fee is from the total price including tax 24% and shipping costs. Tax and shipping cost are not income for my company but i still need pay fee from this amount as well. Makes you think other options or platforms to run your business. And they say that the customer always pay the VAT but some how i still need pay fee from this part as well. Is it right? Should i get something back from the tax office? Where Shopify pay their tax from the fees and monthly plans? Just wondering....