Accept Partial payments on Draft orders or Manual orders

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Hi Dallas,


Here's a little follow up: 


1. In the POS it is possible to take multiple payments, and to mark a transaction as partially paid. 


Ideally, in the online checkout our customer with transactions over $1000, would be given the choice to pay in full, or a 50% deposit.  Then be directed to the payment gateway as usual. 

10 weeks later (no one said the Amish were quick) when their furniture is ready, we could send them email from the same transaction number, where they could follow a link to pay the remaining balance, through the standard gateway.



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Hi there!

I found this thread, and wanted to let everyone know about our application, called Wholster, which allows for true partial payments to be made on draft orders using the payment terms features.

You can check out an overview of how this works here:

For more general information about the app, please visit the app listing page in Shopify

If anyone is interested in this solution, please feel free to reach out to us any time at

Hope this helps, and looking forward to hearing from you!





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@Gist Wow that might actually be a solution. Thank you!!  I want to go deeper into your product and see how we can set it up. It seems to have more features, so I want to see what else I am paying for. 

Thank you for posting it here. 


Any chance you want to break your payment terms tool out into it's own little app?