Accepting Moneris Issues Gift Cards in Shopify

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One of my clients uses gift cards that are issued through Moneris for their store. It would be great if we could allow their customers to redeem them online through our Shopify store as well, but this doesn't seem to be possible. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how we may be able to get this to work? Or is it just not possible at this time? We've tried switching to a Moneris payment gateway, but that didn't give us any options to specifiy gift cards.

Thanks in Advance


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

Right now we only take our own Gift Cards, and what I suggest from time to time is making a new Gift Card in your system for the amount that the customer has on their Moneris card. That'd let them use the card on your store and keep their balance.

It might be worth talking to Moneris and seeing if they have a way for the gift cards to be taken online through a payment gateway, I wouldn't be surprised if there was something. :)