Accepting specific type of cc

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I have a pretty specific store and have a question on how to accept a specific type of CC. We're launching an online store, our brick & mortar has been around for 25 years.


Our brick & mortar sells a specific product, and only employees of a certain company are allowed to purchase this product. These employees are issued a credit card (mastercard), by a major bank. These CCs are only able to be used at stores like us, that have been granted prior approval.


We've been granted prior approval, because we did a test transaction with the bank (who is acting on behalf of their employer) to verify our brick & mortar's CC terminal. So essentially, these employees purchase items at our store, using their issued CC, and because the bank verified our CC terminal to be able to accept these CC, the transaction will complete.


We're bringing our store online to Shopify right now to reach these employees outside out geographic area, so our payment processing question is..


Will be given a dedicated "terminal" for our store (that's specific to us, and not crossed with other shopify stores), so the bank will be able to verify our shopify store, to be able to accept these specific CCs?