Add a handling fee to a payment method

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We use the payment method, cash on delivery...this is when we get paid for an item when it is delivered and not but credit card. There is a cost associated with this payment method that we obsorb. That we would like to pass on to customers that prefer this payment option. I understand we can set a shipping option with an additional charge but some consumers may miss checking this off on the shipping page and it may cause confusion for other customers.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Our store is trying to add handling fees from our fulfillment company and we were told the same thing - to create a bogus shipping method. Who will pick this? I would love to find a free solution to add handling charges to orders. Most other ecommerce sites have this built in. We're stuck with Shopify, as it connects to our warehouse API.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Ala,

This is Breann from Shopify

I took a look to see if I could find any alternative methods for adding a handling fee and I did find one!

What you will need to do is add a product to your products section of the admin, and then follow the instructions here to have that product add to the cart automatically! This way it will be an additional charge in the checkout :)

If you have any other questions please let me know,

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Hey Breann, 

Great thinking....I need a customer to only be charged when the payment method "Cash on Delivery" is selected for customers that chose "Paypal" as a payment method I would not charge them for the service. Would your idea still work? 

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Did you get this working?

We are looking for something very similar but it adds a charge only once when certain products are added to the cart, but if the quantity of the products is above 5 the charge is not added

Many thanks



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We're still having this issue. Hello shopify?!

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Hi All

In Australia the law has passed that merchants can pass on such fees for credit cards but not the likes of PayPal.

I'm finding it very difficult to locate the option to enable such function to add a percentage fee for certain payment types. 

Adding the fee into the unit price is not possible as it would mean I can't accept other payment types like PayPal or direct deposit.

So I'm pushing this question back to Shopify to provide the option.


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Hi there,

having the same issue, ... did anyone find a solution for this?


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Still nothing? Only for India COD ?


Anyway Why is there no way to configure price ?


Let me copy the Bank transfer method, give it a new name and apply a fee....This would be perfect So i can use it however i need

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How can you add a fee to bank transfer payment method?