Added to cart 1,385 sessions - Sessions converted 36 - please help me ( i can paid for help )

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Hi Guys, 


for first i know no all people who add goods to cart make an order but I think this 't normal. Like 30% of this people fill all information ( name, email etc. ) but never finish order. 


I think: 

a) i have some problem with checkout ( I'm not sure if stripe working well, maybe support just some cards ?  )

b) it is normal 


I try many ways to improve this, but after 3 months I'm at the end of my skill. 


What i make: 

- i try drive audience ( i have now very strict audience filter ) - btw 99 percent of traffic is from advertising

- i try make some urgency ( on / Off ) 

- i try update price ( isn't any change if i setup price 40 or 20 or 10 USD ) 

- i try change price for product + shipping fee - now i have product + free shipping fee

- i make thousands of small changes but without any improve 

- i add PayPal and BitCoin payments gateway ( yep this dramatic help me - but still for example today 40 add 28 checkout 1 order ) 



I'm crazy for this and i don't know what i can make more 


link to store: