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Hello All!  Hope this is the right location for this post:

We've been using shopify for almost two years now and have been quite happy.  The only issue I'm having is adding additional fields to checkout.  An example: FedEx requires a phone number when shipping.  We use our store phone number and 99% of the time that works.  The other 1% I get calls from FedEx trying to track down the person receiving the package.  I obviously can't help them and it threatens our product when it's not delivered properly (we sell meat, so obviously very perishable).  I also was trying to figure out how to add a section for notes.  Most often our packages are sent as gifts, and again, I have trouble helping people when they call asking who they should thank for their gift.  Email addresses don't always make the sender obvious. ("Well Ma'am, it looks like that came from Bezerker528@gmail, does that ring a bell?")


I'm sure both of these are a simple fix, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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Hi Lawrence,

Ewa here from Shopify!  Here is a help doc that discusses how to do this:

Here is a doc on how to get a phone number via PayPal:

You could also ask for that info on the cart page:

Hope this helped you out!

If you need anymore information, you can contact me at or call us at 1-888-746-7439.


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The document shared by Ewa does the trick. 

  • Phone number can be made hidden, optional, or required.

This would allow you to keep this field as required and hence you would not get any complaints. However, you may encounter another problem in validating the address field. Have you not faced any problem with it before? In some cases, when the customer provides a very long address, FedEx would not accept it as the total length is 35 characters for an address field from FedEx. To tackle this solutions like ours(Multi Carrier Shipping label app) would truncate the additional characters and only send 35 characters to FedEx API. 

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