Adding shipping option for multiple item purchases

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I just recently added my first manual collection to sell items I am making and selling.

I want to sell the item, a 3D printed mask, for at-cost pricing plus shipping: $5 for item, $5 for shipping. So i thought itd be as easy as including the shipping cost in the price so $10 total. However, if someone buys 2 masks I dont want them paying $20, I onyl want them to pay shipping 1 time, so I need to change the product price back to $5 each which I can do however, I do not see an option to just set flat shipping rate? I only see a zip code entry on the order page to calculate shipping but that doesnt even work? I put in a zip code in California and i get an error and it says this is not an Alabama  zip code????? (I am located in Alabama btw)



2 issues

1) How do I add flat shipping costs to manual options?

2) How do I fix the calculated shipping tool?


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