Additional charges after an order is fulfilled- what is the best way to proceed?

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Hi there, 

I am about to launch a website using the solution provided by Shopify, however I want to have the ability to charge my customers' payment method (Debit card, Credit Card) extra, in case they don't return the product they rented on time. Of course, I will have a respective, dedicated section about the topic on the Terms of Use of the website, which the customer will have to accept prior to placing an order. 

As far as I understood, Shopify payments don't cater for this, and there's not a plugin available that can help me with that, unless if withhold a deposit in advance, which I would like to avoid. 

Would you know what the best way to move forward is? 

Thanks in advance. 

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You have to authorize a charge from a customer before charging them, so I think your best move would be to charge a deposit fee, then refund that later. Kind of like when you check in a hotel they charge your credit card extra for security deposit, then refund it when you checkout (unless you threw a rager )

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