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Hello guys,


I am selling high-end items and having an issue relying on Credit Card/Paypal - these are not viable options due to their high fees, unlike Bank Wire.


Since I want to prioritise Wire Transfers and give customers clear options to choose from, I have a following question: how do I add a "Credit Card/Paypal payment method fee" or a "Wire Transfer discount" based on the selected payment method.


Example (preferrable): when the customer selects "Credit Card or Paypal" an automatic 3% fee is added to the basket

Example: when the customer selects "Wire Transfer" an automatic 3% discount is added to the basket


I've tried using Order & Product Fees app and even contacted their support but they are saying that Shopify API currently does not support this feature. Is there another app that supports it? What are the possible solutions?


As of now, when customers are selecting "Wire Transfer" as a payment option I am asking them to wire me 3% less - totally faulty workaround, as it forces me to list items at a higher price than they really are, thus reducing my competition potential!




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Create a custom manual payment method

  1. In the Payment providers section, select Create custom payment method.

  2. In Custom payment method name, enter the name of your payment method.

    The following names are reserved by Shopify and can't be used:

    • Bank Deposit
    • Cash
    • Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • custom
    • External Credit
    • External Debit
    • Gift Card
    • Money Order
    • Store Credit
  3. In Additional details, enter any information that you want shown next to the payment method in your checkout.

  4. In Payment instructions, enter the instructions that you want your customer to follow to pay for the order. These instructions are shown on the order confirmation page after the customer completes their order.

  5. Click Activate.

A customer using a manual payment method sees the name of the payment method and the instructions to complete the payment on the order confirmation screen.