Address Validation to Update Customer Information with ZIP Code Extension

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Hi Shopify comrades,


I need some way of updating my customer information with validated addresses, especially with ZIP codes that have been updated to include the 4-digit extension (eg #####-####). I need the information updated not just in the order, but in the actual customer entry in the admin section of shopify (


There seem to be 3 ways this could happen:

1. During the checkout process, while the customer is filling out information

2. While the order is being fulfilled using the validated address from Shopify's shipping label service, or a 3rd-party integration for printing shipping labels

3. After the fact, as a process divorced from checkout and fulfillment


It doesn't matter how it happens, I would be fine with 1, 2, or 3.


There are no apps that I'm aware of that offer this service. Address Validator does not force customers to use a validated address, it merely suggests one.


I've spoken with 12 fulfillment/shipping label services, and Shopify about their shipping label service, and none of them offer to postback address information to update customer info.


Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?