Address province is showing abbreviated, not full.

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Hey Shopifam! 

I am having a bit of an issue when i export orders from my Shopify admin, and what is displaying in the CSV file. 

Every time I export multiple orders as a CSV file, it only exports the provinces abbreviated value and not the full province. For example the address a customer fills out might be

1 Test Street
Auckland City 
New Zealand

However, when I go to export it and import it into my label printer software it shows up as:

1 Test Street
Auckland City 
AUK 1000 
New Zealand

Is there a way to have it export the full name of the province (eg: AUCKLAND) instead of the abbreviated version (AUK)? I have tried looking around Shopify Help Center but can't find anything. The only thing I can find is basic information on The Address Object.

 Another thing that I thought I would ask is how the the postcode is displaying.It displays with an apostrophe before it eg: '1000 instead of 1000. Any ideas how to remove the '? 

Any help will be appreciated!