Alibaba dropshipping with multiple suppliers

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I am wondering how to bulk fulfill/process and send tracking info to customers via alibaba dropshipping. Yes, alibaba is usually just for ordering in bulk but there are a select few suppliers on there willing to dropship. In my situation aliexpress isn't an option and I only plan to use alibaba for specific reasons. With that being said, how would I set up the proper system and keep things organized when dealing with multiple suppliers and a multiple products/SKU's store? How would i bulk CSV fulfill and organize each supplier on shopify so the proper orders get sent out for the day for each specific supplier and products without it getting messy and confusing? Having a multi product and multiple supplier store can get more complicated, that's why i'm trying to figure out what apps I need or figuring out the proper system so things go smoothly once my store is up and running. I want to have all this figured out right off the bat before the store is launched so things are running smoothly from the start. I know there's ways around this but i can't seem to find any information that makes sense. Any help would be good.