All orders (fulfilled and shipped) show as open?

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I opened my shop 2 days ago and received 57 orders. Every one is fully paid, fulfilled, (paid and fulfilled are in grey next to each order), labels were printed and I shipped them. But the number 57 still shows next to "Orders" in my sidebar menu. 

Am I missing something obvious here? Do i need to manually edit something else about each order to make them drop off that number in the sidebar?

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Hey, @pinsonmain!

Ash here from the Shopify team. Thank you for posting your question in the community forums.

First of all, congratulations on the sales in your initial days open- that's exciting news! With regards to the paid and fulfilled orders appearing as "Open", I have a suspicion as to what's going on and how you can prevent completed orders from appearing as "Open" going forward. 

In the Settings> Checkout section of your admin, there's a settings in the Order Processing section you can toggle to automatically archive orders once they've been fulfilled and paid. Here's a screenshot to show where you'll find that setting: 


If that option is enabled, then once a paid order is fulfilled it will no longer appear as "Open", but rather will be archived and will not contribute to the open order notifications. If you don't have the setting enabled, go ahead and toggle it on and save the page to make future orders automatically archive once they're paid and fulfilled. Applying this setting won't retroactively archive each of the fulfilled orders you currently have open, but they can all be archived at once using a bulk order action.

To archive orders in bulk, head over to the Orders section of the admin and follow these steps: 

  1. Select all of the orders you wish to action
  2. Click "More actions"
  3. Click "Archive orders" from the drop-down menu

Here's a screenshot for a visual reference: 

archive orders.png

 Additionally, our Help Center has a section dedicated to order processing and archiving with more detailed information. Let me know if this helps sort out the issue you're experiencing by replying back here, and I'm also happy to lend a hand with anything else you may need assistance with. Happy selling! 

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Oh ok! I did have the auto archive setting turned off, and have fixed it. Thank you!