Allow a user to purchase a product and reserve for later delivery

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I require a functionality that allows users to buy a product, but not deliver it right away, For limited edition products that are likely to be delivered internationally. 

Instead of automatic delivery, the shop needs to allow the user to buy more products at a later date, and have them all shipped over at the same time, benefiting from a free delivery over X amount system.

Is this something anyone is currently using? There are online record stores that do this already, but I haven't been able to find this as a plugin for Shopify.

Please advise!

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Hello Kelsey,

Could this also be considered "preordering"? If so, check out one of the preorder apps: 

I haven't used any of them.

This one offers a free plan:

This one has the most reviews and a pretty good rating:


I hope one of them is helpfiul.


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