Amazon FBA to Shopify Connection Issues - Tracking Numbers & Incorrect Inventory Number?

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Anyone else having these 2 issues or any ideas- 

  1. The inventory numbers reflected in Shopify do not even remotely correspond with the inventory levels in Amazon when you have it set to have Amazon track inventory?
  2. When a customer orders more then one item in a cart, only the first tracking number gets posted back. The other items, shipped separately, are ignored. This generates a large number of support complaints

Thank you

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Just pushing this along.  I'm experieincing the same issue with the inventory specifically...haven't tested tracking scenario.


Add insult to injury, after a customer purchases an out of stock item, the inventory updates as if amazon was simply waiting for Shopify to ask for the inventory.  Do we need to do anything to regularly update inventory on our stores / force Amazon to re-sync?