Amazon Pay

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Hello everyone,

I am about to launch my store and I was adding payments providers. I chose Shopify payments and PalPay.

I saw there is an option for AmazonPay and when I clicked on the 'activate AmazonPay' button, I was redirect to another page when I had to create a merchant account and include my tax ID, EIN, etc. I filled all the information and my account was accept, however, I didn't do the integration yet because I have a question for your first:

I DON'T WANT TO SELL ON AMAZON, I just want to enable the option for my customers to pay with AmazonPay. If I do the integration, do you think I will import all products that I have on my Shopify store to Amazon? I really don't want to sell anything on Amazon for now, again, I just want to enable AmazonPay option on my store.

Please let me know if I wasn't clear and I will try to rewrite my question.

Thanks for your attention and care,