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Any ideas how we can add estimated despatch date(s) to our product pages, a bit like the estimated delivery dates on Amazon eg

Estimated delivery 13 July - 2 Aug. when you choose Standard Delivery at checkout. Details

We have some products that can be despatched straight away, others at 2 weeks others at 6 to 8 weeks

Ideally the information would need to flow through to the admin so we have a record of what was shown to the customer

Also, can anyone help with multiple line orders with different despatch dates, again like Amazon they offer to ship items separately or all at once. We would like something similar, with the addition that there is a small charge for separate deliveries

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We've done something similar. You can store product or variant despatch time in Shopify metafields, edit them through API or with Custom Fields Chrome extension and show them to your visitors on a product page.

Please drop me a line at to discuss.

-- Stas 

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Matt here from the Guru Team! :-)

I encourage everyone with any tips regarding this customization to feel free to share! :-) I also wanted to add if you still have not made these changes you may want to contact a developer here as this may be a difficult customization.  :-) It is your call though.  I just wanted to share just in case.  

I hope you have a great day! :-)