Any Bitcoin payment processors for Cannabis Seeds?

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Given up trying credit card processors, and instead I've opted for Bitcoin thinking it's easier. Apparently this isn't the case, I've tried:

- Bitpay


- Coinbase

With no luck. Is there any chance of getting Bitcoin processors that are cannabis friendly added, or any other reccomendations I may have missed?

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Hi there!

To be honest I am surprised that you encountered difficulty with the BitPay gateway as to the best of my knowledge they do support the sale of cannabis seeds on their platform, but I certainly stand to be corrected on that! Would you mind shedding some light on your correspondence with them and why you cannot use their gateway?

I know you have said you have had prolonged difficulty with credit card processing gateways but I have encountered stores before using Sagepay Form as their gateway while selling cannabis seeds, and this gateway is indeed supported in your region. I definitely suggest that you reach out to Sagepay directly to get a more comprehensive answer from them and they will happily clarify the above for you.

Hope this helps!

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