Any advice on label printing, fulfillment and Shipstation

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So, we are launching a store soon and have not fulfilled before. Had a few really newb questions:

1. We plan to ship via USPS and FedEx. So I understand you can print labels from their online website. What's the best way to do this efficiently for large numbers of orders?

2. Are you printing onto self-adhesive label paper? Or are you gluing/taping regular paper labels to the box? If the former, what printer / label paper do you recommend?

3. Can someone give me the quick overview of all the places Shipstation will save me time? It has great reviews on the App store, just wish there was a quick list in the Shopify context as their webpage is platform-agnostic.

4. Do you save on shipping costs with Shipstation? How much exactly are we talking about...

5. Any other quick tips and best practices on how to minimize time spent on pick/pack/shipping? Any advice is much appreciated!


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I am also curious for advice that Ken is asking for.



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Answering for the benefit for the larger shipping community,

- Going to the carrier website and generating labels is cumbersome as you have to put order and product info one by one. To overcome this, it is always better to use an app that automates this for you. For example, you can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app that would automatically send the order data to the carrier and fetch rates at checkout, generate labels, track shipments, etc.

- For printing labels, if you are using a standard zebra printer, then you can use the standard paper that comes with it. Usually they are not self-adhesive. You need to glue them

- An app will save you time on a number of places. First and most importantly as mentioned in the first point, it prevents redundant work. Secondly, you can generate labels in bulk. Tracking becomes a cake walk as your customers will automatically get tracking information real time.

- It is always better to use your own shipping carrier account to ship as then you would be giving direct volume to them. They would definitely be happy about it and hence it is more likely that you would be getting better discounts in future.

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