App for USPS bulk mailing permit? For Parcel Select LIGHTWEIGHT

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Can anyone recommend an app that uses your USPS bulk mailing permit, in order to print shipping labels with the Parcel Select LIGHTWEIGHT class? and ShipStation do not do this. All apps that I've checked offer Parcel Select, but nobody seems to offer the Lightweight class.... possibly because you are required to have the bulk mail permit in order to use it???

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It is crazy to me that this option is essentially hidden from thousands of business owners that qualify to do it. This is a massive expense. Starts at like $1.80. This is what businesses were supposed to use but we all have become reliant on third party shipping services so they can middleman us


i think the answer to this question would be at your local post office. Strange to me how so many questions nowadays are buried on google by unrelated Shopify articles or links to third party shipping services