Apply Coupon Before Entering Billing Information

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What line did you enter that into?

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That's technically true, but "PayPal Payments" is a white label system which doesn't show the PayPal logo anywhere, and so for various reasons PayPal Express has a bunch of specific benefits that do increase sales and trust in your website:

  • Customer's payment details are already stored in PayPal
  • Faster checkout
  • PayPal's Buyer Protection
  • The perception that PayPal is more secure (they are sharing your credit card details with 'PayPal' and not some stranger's website)
  • Trust and recognition of the PayPal brand builds triggers cues to check out.

Wrong. Paypal Payments include the "white label" look for credit card payments AND paypal payment which leaves the customer in no doubt they are using PayPal and offers all the benefits outlined.