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Hi Sorry if this has been answered already. 


I have a catalogue based business with a call centre, the voucher code used in a transaction is important to assign the sale to a particular campaign. How do I do this for phone orders, in the back end of shopify I can only apply a flat discount % or £/$. 


I am using the Shopify platform that costs $79 a month.


Any help would be great.


Many thanks



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Hi, @duncangarnswort!


Ava here from Shopify :)


At the moment, there is no way to add the actual discount code when you create a draft order for a customer. As you said, the only options at the moment are to add a percentage or a monetary amount of a discount when creating the draft order, not the code itself. 


I do think this is a great idea though! I will submit this to our internal team to be reviewed as a possible future feature of the admin. As our platform is constantly growing and improving, our team love to get feedback from our merchants on what features/edits they need to improve their workflow. So once I submit this as a feature request on your behalf, our team can review the request. So hopefully, this can be something that is available in the future.


There is never a guarantee that a request will get a Green Light, *or* make it to a product launch, but we really do appreciate you reaching out with your suggestion, as I’m sure you’re not the only merchant with this request. While we would not have a specific timeline for how long that might take, you can definitely keep an eye on our announcements page. We will post any new updates or developments there!


In the meantime, there are some workarounds that may be of use to you:


1) Add a "tag" to the draft order page. For example, you could tag the draft order with the discount code for the campaign used. You could then create a filter for your order list with that code and save that list to refer back to. If you like, you could even export that filtered order list to keep track of the codes!

2) There are apps you could use to help gather more information than what is currently offered in our reports. Data Export (as this app allows for a lot of customizations) as well as Deepmine (as it looks like with this app you would have the ability to create a report using Order notes)

3) Use POS to set up these orders since discount codes via POS was recently introduced.


The tag option may be the best for you for the time being, but do let me know what you think of the above.


Speak soon!



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