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Hi, I'm looking for an app that could show the estimated delivery time based on country or regions on the product page.


Until now I found one, but it is too time-consuming and found others that don't have the possibility to show per country, making it difficult to work with worldwide shipping.


If it is possible to add some code to the product page I could do it by myself also, I would appreciate it if some link could be shared, I just need a combobox with countries (luckily auto-detecting the country) and show an estimation based on today's date.

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Hey there, @lucasconde!


Thanks for reaching out today! I'd be happy to assist you in a way you can add this feature to your store. I think it's a great idea to boost conversions and reduce customer chargebacks when they know their estimated delivery times by zip code.


With that said, I would recommend an app called Delm. It offers comprehensive customization to provide estimations based on a variety of variables. Furthermore, you can set delivery times by product and shipping country. The app auto-detect the user's location based on their IP to offer the country-specific delivery times. 


Let me know if this helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Dirk, your product looks like it could provide what I need, but the cost for having just one product might be too much for the stage I'm currently at with my store.


I will wait to see if someone else could also propose a different solution, otherwise, I might give it a test-drive and see how it works.

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Hi, except product page, you can also add EVA time on the tracking page.


This tracking page is generated by TrackingMore app.


Hey @lucasconde ,


Order Delivery Date Estimation Shopify app by SetuBridge allows the admin to add various countries in the backend and set personalized delivery messages for all the countries. This feature is highly useful for businesses running globally.


Display Estimated Delivery Message Country WiseDisplay Estimated Delivery Message Country Wise

Here are some of the advanced features of the app:

  • Country/product/collection wise estimated delivery date range & message
  • Design message widget using Icon, text, font styling, etc
  • Highlight estimated delivery dates in the widget
  • Ready-to-use designed templates
  • Set week-off days & cut-off time
  • Select min lead days & max lead days for the delivery message
  • Target all/specific products
  • Custom position for message bar
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