Assigning a fulfillment service to a product

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My store is all Print on Demand items, and I am using 4 different vendors.  When I go to the product page for a given product in the Shopify dashboard, on the right side under the "Organization" section, the correct vendor is shown (CustomCat as shown in the attached screenshot).  When I placed an order for that product, it did not get swept into the POD service's system for fulfillment.  I noticed that if I clicked on the order in the "Order" section of the Shopify Dashboard and click on the product, it takes me to a different kind of product page (Screenshot attached) that has a space for Fulfillment Service at the bottom.  In this case the fulfillment service is shown as Shopify, not the POD service.  I have to change each variant manually.  Once I changed it, it got swept into the POD service's system.


What is the difference between the selection of a Vendor on the product page and the Fulfillment Service on the other product page, and is there a way to get the fullfillment service to match the selection of Vendor on the product page without having to do each variant manually?




The Vendor is ultimately an internal reference for your business back end, to see who your supplier is for that product.

It's especially helpful for merchants that need to order physical inventory, since they can filter their product category per vendor (supplier). 

The Vendor tag has no affect on the fulfilment process. 


The Fulfilment Service actually controls how that product is handled for fulfilment. 

The "Shopify" option would be used if your orders were being fulfilled manually in your Shopify Admin. 

For any third-party apps, each product needs to have the correct Fulfilment Service chosen to ensure everything runs smoothly (as you've found out!).


Unfortunately there is no was to automatically change the Fulfilment Service to match the Vendor, but you can speed the process up using Shopify's Bulk Edit feature. 

How to edit in bulk

1) Head to Shopify > Products, tick all products in your store and then click "edit products"

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 15.15.00.png


2)  When in the bulk editor, by default you'll see the "SKU", "Price" and "Compare at Price" fields. 

Remove these three, click "Add Fields" then choose "Vendor" and "Fulfilment Service"


Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 15.15.09.png


3) You can now edit the Fulfilment Service for multiple products together, manually matching them the the product's Vendor value. 

In my example, the third-party is Inkthreadable. Here is where you would choose Custom Cat or whichever app you're using. 

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 15.16.01.png




Hope that helps!

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Thanks Alex.  I was able to do it following your instructions.  I noticed that products from CustomCa are the only ones that needed that change.  The other POD vendors had the fulfillment service correctly repopulated.  I guess CustomCat needs to update their app.  

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Hello.  Thanks for the information.  When I followed the instructions, I only have two options under the fulfillment field, and i'm missing two.  Any idea how to fix that?

My original problem was that my entire order(4 items) were sent to one of my POD services, but they should only be fulfilling 1 of the items in the order.

Thanks in advance.