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Hi readers!


Just about to confirm an eParcel account with Australia Post but am still doing everything manually until that happens. Hoping someone out there has been through this process and has some answers for me!

1. Is the prepaid satchel for domestic orders ($7.22 for bulk purchase) the best domestic price solution?

2. What is the best solution for interntational orders (tracking required) for parcels under 500g? I'm getting smashed in postage fees. Please help if you've got a clue! Thanks very much

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I don't know about your first part but as for question #2.

I ship between Japan and the US, so it's probably a bit different for Australia.

You can't get around the postage fees. I ship internationally and have been looking into this too. The cheapest option I've found is SAL for small parcels. SAL usually takes 2-3 weeks to arrive at the final destination but probably the best option if you want to keep a lower shipping cost. Some countries offer 2 types of SAL: 1) with tracking (2) without tracking. Without tracking SAL is super cheap. With tracking SAL is a little bit cheaper than shipping it by air.

This all depends on your post office rules and prices though. They vary widely from country to country.


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Hi Dande


eParcel is a volume based advantage when dealing with AustPost.. They work on volumes, and price breaks are dependant on that as well.. There is a couple of tiers, up to 1,000, then up to 2,000 and then over and obove that from memory (maybe a 5k break as well) with price varying in each..

They are great to speak to, dont hesitate to call them to discuss the options - be fairly accurate with your expected volumes as well as this helps.. Another advantage is collection of parcels if larger volumes.

Also, if you dont meet the breaks you can consider click'n'send which is Australia Post as well.

Have to agree that the shipping can be the most daunting component of most online stores, especially if sending from AUS to anyhere international.

Cheers and all the best.


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The eParcel rates completely depends on your shipment volume. You will get better rates if you have more orders. Check out this documentation to understand how they handle rates:

Now, to automate the shipping process with eParcel, you can try an app like Australia Post Rates & Labels which will help you print labels in bulk, display rates at checkout, and also handle tracking.

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Look into MailPlus - MailPlus Express offering too, they teamed up with Toll for an Express offering for Australian eCommerce merchants and just launched a Shopify integration. Very competitive rates for small parcels.