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Hello dropshippers,
As you know, dropshipping is regarded by all payment processors as a high-risk business model, then chances to have rolling or fixed reserves applied to your account are higher. Therefore, adding tracking info to PayPal is urgently needed by all dropshipping merchants to improve the tracking record of their PayPal accounts, which plays a big part in building Paypal's trust, lowering or removing reserve levels and getting into PayPal's Seller Protection program (This protects you from disputes like Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received).
Now we are excited to tell you that ShopMaster covers you with Automated Solution for adding tracking info to PayPal - Keep PayPal account in good standing, reduce customer complaints, improve cash-flow, etc.
Get Started in 2 Simple Steps:
1. Go to Settings > Manage Services to add your PayPal to ShopMaster
2. Connect stores to the PayPal account and enable the upload tracking info feature (Shopify, WooCommerce, and 3dcart stores only). ShopMaster will upload the tracking number and carrier to PayPal when marking an order as shipped through ShopMaster.
Click here to learn more details!
The beta version is immediately available for all plans, users of the beta release are encouraged to report any bugs, issues or errors at

Happy dropshipping!带步骤宣传图paypal-345.png
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