Auto Fulfillment with Cash on Delivery (COD)

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Here is what I'd like to happen:

• Customer places an order with COD as payment method

• Email is sent to the fulfillment email


Here is what currently happens:

• Customer places an order with COD as payment method

• Order is placed with payment AND fulfillment pending

• Fulfillment email is only sent after fulfillment is requested via Shopify admin


I have COD setup as a payment method.

I have Custom Order Fulfillment configured with an email

I have configure order to auto-fulfill after payment is made << here is the problem


COD inherently means that orders need to be fulfilled first and then cash is collected. Appears to be a missing case not handled by the app, assuming that payment always comes first. Any way to do this?

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Hi There,


I believe Auto Fulfill app will meet your requirement.

This is how Auto Fulfill works: 

1) Customer places an order in the shop and the same will be notified to your vendor automatically by email to ship.


2) The vendor will ship the products and enter the tracking number in the Auto Fulfill vendor link and the order gets fulfilled automatically in Shopify.


In your case, you can collect the cash from the customer and enter "No tracking Number" in the vendor link and turn off fulfillment notifcation to the customers, if necessary


The order gets fulfilled automatically in Shopify.


Its very simple set up hardly takes 5 minutes. Install Auto Fulfill app and our customer support agents will help you.


Here is the link:



Auto Fulfill Team

Order management & Auto Fulfillment App





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$10/month seriously?  You're recommending another app to get the most basic functions - we have to pay for ANOTHER app.  With basic Shopify, you cannot invoice and collect on a COD order without creating the draft order yourself.  Is that correct?   I added Wholesale Lock Manager to add a very simple Wholesale portal so that retail clients can order and checkout COD.  Now Wholesale Lock Manager wants me to add another one of their apps in order to collect on the COD without creating the draft order myself.  In basic Shopify, is there a way to invoice and collect on a COD order that was not created through my website and not created as a draft order by me?