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When are you going to roll out an automated email service that asks the customer to rate the product/experience after X days of purchase?

Your product review platform looks nice, but it is not very practical for "driving" reviews in that hopefully will boost consumers confidence in a product since. They should be able to review the product straight from their email.

That one feature would help nearly EVERYONE that sells products!

Does anyone else agree?


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Shopify Staff
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Hi Tim!

Danielle from the Shopify Guru Team here.

While Shopify's own application doesn't currently have this feature, there is another great free app that does!  Yotpo Social Reviews will send your customers an email after they've made a purchase and let them review the product from within that email.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Yes, that is an option that I have looked into. But as far as I know, the free version of Yotpo does not allow for ratings to be displayed on the category pages, meaning you can only see them after you have clicked on the product. AND more importantly, if I were to make the switch, I would loose all of my current reviews since it looks terrible if you try to use both of them.

Why not just upgrade the current Shopify review app? It seems like a very basic feature.

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Hey Tim,


I agree! 👋


I know this post is from eons ago, but just wanted to pop in to say I built an app that solves this problem for you called ReviewNudge.


Basically you can schedule emails to go out X number of days after either Order Fulfillment or Order Delivery (if you use a carrier that Shopify integrates with)


It does't require any type of review app, so it works with the free Shopify review app. It builds an email of the products that the customer ordered and sends an email to them with these details to drive more reviews.


Will look into how to turn this into a direct rating from within email as well.





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Is there a good alternative at this moment?