Automatic discount apply on prepaid orders

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Hi Team

We need to know if there is any method any app so that we can give some discount to our users who choose prepaid payment method.

The discount should be automatically applied if the prepaid payment method is applied and discount automatically removed if the prepaid payment method is not selected.

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Being an Indian merchant & have spoken to various shopify merchants, we all have 2 major asks in payments which shopify isn't addressing:

1. Prepaid discount.

2. COD Fee. 


Both of these features are a must have, I have a couple of other stores on woocommerce where I am able to achieve both of these with ease but with shopify unless you have shopify plus you can't do this which is a big let down and probably why a lot of the people are sticking to woocommerce as otherwise I would have shifted all of my stores to shopify as it is indeed better in every other way except for when it comes to payments.