Automatically BCC the shipping confirmation to another email address

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I believe someone has posted about this before with no response.

Is there a simple way to BCC another email address (in our case Trustpilot) when an order is shipped, so that only people who have received their goods will be emailed for a review (rather than BCC emailing Trustpilot when an order is placed and then randomly sending an email say 7 days later, when some of our orders can take quite a lot longer than others to be shipped)

I am aware I could use the custom-fulfillment option on all our variants, but that seems like a very large change just to BCC an email (especially as we don't have SKUs for all our products!)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Martin

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Can someone from Shopify please answer this question?

I have the same issue. I receive orders in which the billing address is different than the shipping address, and there is no section to enter the shipping address recipient's email address.

Can someone please tell me how to enter a section for the shipping address' email address?

That way we can send shipping tracking information.

Thank you

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I have the same issue!

Have you find a way to bcc shippment emails?