Automatically assign delivery day and date based on day of the week

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We are a raw dog food manufacturer and make all food fresh to order. To streamline manufacturing, we operate on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly ordering cycle.

As an example, if someone orders in specific Shipping Zones (Sydney and surrounds) before Monday then their order will be delivered on the following Saturday. If they order after Monday (e.g. Tuesday) then their order will be delivered Saturday week after they've ordered.

There is similar logic in place for other Shipping zones.

I've trawled the app store numerous times trying to find something that will allow this, however they all allow customers to select their delivery date rather than us automatically assign one. This would be fine if we could limit delivery dates based on Shipping Zones (which are based on postcode), because Aus is so big that limiting by State, Country or Time Zone doesn't cut it.

Any ides on how to get around this?

The key factor being that we would like to be able to send the customer an order confirmation with the specific date that their order will arrive. We have the ability to do this from our email marketing system if their is an attribute placed against the order in some way.