Automatically notify a customer that their order is ready for collection

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We have recently added 'collect from our studio' as a shipping method, giving our customers the opportunity of collecting their order from us, instead of having it shipped to them. I want to know if there is a way that I can set up an automatic email that says 'your order is ready for collection' when I click the 'fulfill' button. I have already set up a custom email notification for orders that have been shipped to customers, using the 'Other' option since our shipping company is not listed but I would like to have notifications automated for all shipping methods.

If there is anyone who knows how to find a solution to this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks. :)

- Petro

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I would like to know this too?  We don't have many instore pickups but it would be nice to have this option. I certainly don't need all the features of an app that are available or to pay another subsciption!