Automating process of adding 'free samples' to orders with consumer being aware

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Hi Community, 

Hopefully I have posted in the correct area! If not, feel free to direct me to the right place

I am trying to understand whether it's possible to do the below without the customer being able to see any of it on site or on the invoice:

I want to be able to include free customised samples/marketing materials packed in each order that goes out depending on what the consumer has purchased:

  • For example: with every first order the customer gets a 'thanks for supporting us and welcome to our community' postcard in the box
  • Another example: If they order just one type of product, we might want to send a sample of a different product.
  • Another example: If it's their second order, we may want to add a postcard that says excited to see you back, xyz.

I guess there are two questions here - is it possible to automate the above and how?

And secondly, I can't leave it to the warehouse to decide what happens and what goes in each box, so the free items needs to be somewhere connected to the order that the warehouse team can see so they know what to pack but I don't want to print those items on the invoice....any ideas on how this could be automated without the consumer be aware of any of it.