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This seems super hack-y.

If I understand Louis Kearns solution correctly:

- allow all country shipping, so that the customer can add any country to billing address.

- then, if anyone also puts in a shipping address other than your country of choice, automatically cancel that transaction?

I find it hard to believe that this is the solution to what must be a fairly common scenario.

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Hey xopoe,

Your post triggered my memory on the post i did 4 months ago now.

This is a very common situation, especially for my client.  They have a lot of requests to order product as gifts - to be delivered within australia - but purchased by someone outside the country, i.e. a relative.  

This really needs to be addressed Shopify.  

We don't have the ability to modify the checkout process using Liquid so this needs to be built in to the administration backend.  Pushing people to another app, which causes an extremely negative user experience, is not a valid solution.

Fundamentally, I love the Shopify system, but there are just some things that leave me scratching my head.  This one, the fact you can't nest categories/collections or at least create your own redirects/urls, the shipping tax issue and the fact the checkout process jumps out to a separate URL to name a few.

It's very close to the perfect system but these few things hobble it in my view.



p.s.  When are you going to allow native access to meta data??  This is so powerful, yet the only way to access/modify is either via a 3rd party app or an unsupported chrome extension!  





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Has anyone managed to find a valid solution to allow customers to have a billing address of a different country to that the site ships to? I agree, this is a pretty fundamental thing. People buy gifts for people in other countries all the time.

Shopify? Advice welcomed...esp as Christmas is on top of us...

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Still nothing from shopify. I'm also losing customers because of this.

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I have to agree.  

This is such an important feature and the workaround suggested - allowing a user in a country that you don't ship to to place an order and then to immediately cancel the order through the Fraud filtering system (just so the billing address can be allowed for users shipping to an supported country) provides a really poor customer experience to those users.

Is there a timeline yet for implementing this? 

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This is also an issue for us, we're an Australian store and have a few people in England wanted to order gifts for family in Australia. I just finished chatting with a Shopify rep on live chat who provided an ok work around for this...

  1. Under Settings select Shipping
  2. Under Shipping Rates select Add a Country
  3. Type the word Rest and then select Rest of the World
  4. Once this is added, select International Shipping and then select Delete Rate

This will now let the user enter any billing address country and also any shipping address country, but if they select a country that you don't ship to, the user receives a message to tell them you don't ship to that country and won't let them complete the checkout.

While this isn't perfect, I'm happy with it as work around for now until a proper feature is included.

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Thanks Ben! This is the best workaround I've found so far, but as you say it leaves a bit to be desired on the usability front. 

Shopify - when will the options for billing address be properly uncoupled from shipping??? It's perfectly reasonable to expect that customers from other countries will buy gifts etc from a site for local shipping.

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Yep, we've just bumped into this issue too. I sent them a feature request so hopefully this will appear in the future.