Babys den online

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You currently have a site called Baby’s Den Online. This site is fraudulent!!

I naively thought their offers were too good to be true but I saw that it was a Shopify site so it put my mind at rest.
I was a fool!! It is a fraudulent site, you order, receive a confirmation email and then receive absolutely nothing !! I have read another thread on here of somebody else being scammed by them and something they said was a light bulb moment.. they said they received a duck thermometer.. I received a fish shaped thermometer and had no clue where it had come from until now.

I can’t believe Shopify allows somebody to set up a fraudulent site and take people’s money with no intention of fulfilling any of the orders.
Your reply to the thread I saw was that you don’t manage inventory or ship orders for company’s, but surely you have procedures in place for this?? If not you should !!

I am extremely disappointed and have had to contact my credit card company to dispute the payment, which I will hopefully get back.