Basic Shipping Calculator

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This is so basic yet I've been scratching my head and pulling my hair over this issue for almost a month now.


I would like to know if there is a way to, given a flat cost for skipped gram, to calculate a shipping rate of a product.

Example: I know the cost to ship a gram of product ( I have several products with any given weight on my Shopify web store) is 0.0135€/g and I have the weights of every product (that range from 200g to 400Kg).

How can I display to the customer in the checkout process the shipping rate base on that information? How can I make a simple multiply of Price/g*Product-weight? 0.0135*200, for example?

So I can have more accurate rates even if the customer orders a number of products that amass a total weight of 1.2Kg, 3.8Kg or 4.2Kg and so on...


Anyone with a good solution for this that doesn't involve apps!? I don't have any problem in going to the code and add this feature myself I just don't know where to start...


Thanks in advance


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