Be aware of Shopify Payments hold

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Had a very frustrating afternoon with Shopify.  We have operated for many years a custom website as a manufacturer with limited sales using  Recently made a decision to drive more business to our own platform so moved site to shopify as we got convinced it would convert better than a custom site when advertising.  Even though we have merchant account we decided to use Shopify Payments when setting up thinking the integration would be easier.  Now that site is up and running we have a good few days of payments and at this time that cash flow is much needed. 


This afternoon received an email from shopify that our account is on hold because they would like to verify us.  I of course have no problem with them wanting to verify and encourage them to do so to prevent fraud.  My question is why would they not do that when establishing account.  They now have a significant amount of our money on hold which will more than likely lead to us having to lay off this week.  I have asked them to expedite review of the account since I have submitted requested documents within minutes of receiving request.  I was told that 24 - 72 hours is the best they can do right now.  


In this time of struggle for all of us I would expect Shopify to behave differently.  I think their position on this is terrible and I am hopeful this post leads to them behaving differently in the future.  I would quickly move away from their platform but have invested heavily in developing our site.  I am getting rid of their payments platform and will integrate for us right away so that they do not have the opportunity to play with any more of our money.  Terrible company that should be embarrassed by their behavior during this time when we should all be supporting each other.

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We also experienced this when we first set up our online store. We're a small, family business and found this to not only be frustrating but made us uneasy about our choice to go with shopify. I will say that they did resolve the issue within the 72 hr window and ultimately got our payouts going shortly after. That said, I do think shopify should be transparent about this in their marketing materials, and also set the verification process up as part of an onboarding system. I can imagine they receive a TON of grief from frustrated new customers over this. A very strange foot to start off on, for sure!

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