Best way to implement shipping for this service/product

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I have had a service for the past couple months where I would have the customer fill out a google form and I would invoice them. I have felt the need to formalize and polish this process, so I have started building a website using the Minimal theme. I have got most of what I need already on there, but don't know how to implement shipping for this service.


Here's how I used to do it:
1. Customer would fill out this form:

2. I would invoice for the cost of the service and return shipping using the box and weight they input

3. They would ship the board to me with their own method of shipping, level of insurance, and packaging.

Rest of the process doesn't relate to the shipping.


Is there a way to get Shopify to adjust shipping using input from the customer? Or is there a better way to go about this? The boards range in weight from a pound to 15+ and are typically in a medium flat rate box with the exception of some larger ones.


If you need to see the site to visualize it, I can provide the password/url.