Best way to set shipping rates if shipping local (same province) and USA?

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Hi guys,

I'm launching my online store soon and I'm having some trouble deciding on shipping rates. I didn't realize you needed to pay so much extra for carrier calculated shipping rates so I'm trying to figure out zone shipping now. 

I'm based out of Vancouver BC and will be shipping mostly locally within the province but also Oregon and Washington? How do I figure out how to charge for shipping, what if what they order is way more shipping charge than what I put? 

Any third party apps that calculate carrier shipping?

Thanks for any insights or strategies. 

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Hi Matt,

My name is Ciarán, I'm a Shopify Support Guru.

So for Carrier Calculated Shipping you can get it free with the annual plan or $20 extra a month. If you use Carrier Calculated real-time rates, the carrier will charge you their best rate on the day of shipping.

If you want to add zone rates: we have a guide here - Shipping

You would set the rates for each country you deliver to, you can set by weight or price. Just be sure you do not skip any weight/price variables.

For example - if you have rates 1kg - 2kg = $5 and 3kg - 4kg = $10. If I add products that weigh 2.5kg there will be no shipping rate for me.

Have a read of our guide here - Shipping it'll explain everything you need to do.

You can also buy shipping labels in your Shopify admin to speed up your packaging and fulfillment process, save time at the post office, and get reduced shipping rates from USPS or Canada Post. Read here for more information - Shipping labels

Does that work for you? Let me know

All the best,

Ciarán H | Shopify Guru

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The best way to decide on accurate shipping rates is by using an app that calculates real time shipping rates. You can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for this purpose. Using the app, you can not only show real time rates but also set flat rates for local areas. Manually putting it initially is not a good option. You can check for a few orders the average price for local deliveries. After a few days, based on the assesment, flat rates can be provided.

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