Blocking prepaid credit/debit cards

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Hi there!


My store has a Try at Home program for our products which requires a temporary authorization fee of $0.99, which is refunded after we receive back their Try at Home package. If they don't return the package, we charge them a fee on the card they used for the products they failed to return to us.


The issue is that we have been having a problem with people using prepaid credit/debit cards that only have a small amount of money on them which allows scammers to order a Try at Home kit, not return the products, and make it unable for us to charge them for the products they stole. I am trying to find a way to make it not possible for customers to use prepaid cards, so we can eliminate this issue.


We use for fraud protection and for all of our payments to go through, but after speaking with them they didn't have any suggestions on how we can do this.


Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can do this? 


Thank you very much!